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I am Alicia Gonzalez, I was born in Cádiz, where art belongs to the very nature of the people who are born there. My father wanted to be an actor when he was young, but he never confessed this to me, I know it from his diary that appeared in the country house where we spent our summers. He has always instilled in my brother and me a love of tanning and art. We have watched movies since we were very young, we have listened to all kinds of music, we have been in direct contact with painting, photography and sculpture, since they are all forms of expression of my father.

My mother is an instinctive storyteller, a smart woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. She has Basque blood because my grandmother was from Bilbao and she sang like angels while she cooked purrusalda or fried pijotas. My mother signed me up for ballet classes when I was 4 years old and since then dance has been one of my favorite forms of expression.

When I watched the classic movies at home with my parents, I already wished I could change my personality and enjoy being other.

I have always had an overflowing imagination and a peculiar way of telling stories through theater, photography or through audiovisual pieces.

I also liked to write. I have been doing it since school, but my absolute shyness made me never show my stories and tales. I would rather taste than go to the blackboard. That’s how I was at school, a lanky woman with glasses who turned red when they looked at her.

-As the first thing I did was dance, my first interests were marked by my teachers, who spoke to us and showed videos of Maya Plisétskaya, Alicia Alonso, Cristina Hoyos or Nureyev, Nacho Duato, Victor Ullate, Antonio Gades, etc … many and many wonderful ones.







I remember films that marked me as “Decisive Step”, “Gilda,” Histories of Philadelphia “,” Poltergueist “,” Excálibur “, the first of Almodobar … they are so many that it would bore you … but they do belong to times and different genres, since I saw everything that put me in front of me.

When I turned 18 I was clear that I wanted to study Dramatic Art and with the support of my parents, that was what I did.

Around that time, they also gave me my first Canon and I took photos in Black and White influenced by Helmut Newton, my fetish photographer.

Curiosity is the most important value for the development of a person. I believe that someone who is not curious to learn cannot create opinions or reflect. She gives you the courage to learn and find yourself, and the world. A world that, sometimes, is not very beautiful.

Studying is absolutely necessary for any profession, it enriches us, gives us tools that help us in the workplace and gives us wings because it opens up our imagination and our possibilities of life.



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