Célia Roy

by Sherif Awad

-When I was little my mother sang in her college choir and I went to see her performances. But in my close family, no one else practiced any art form. When I entered CE1, my parents offered to register for an extra-curricular activity. I was very tomboy so classical dance very little for me and so I moved towards music and the flute particularly attracted me. I did it for 10 years and quit after moving for my graduate studies and that’s where I fell into oriental dancing, in 2011.
On youth models: this question is complicated, there have been so many! Alizée and Priscillia already when I was little and then I was more inspired by fiction / pop culture or video game heroines. For example, Wonder Woman I think.

-I think you become an artist out of passion. Learning is strewn with pitfalls and disillusions, but it is passion that keeps you going. Sometimes we can have facilities, but not everything can be innate in the Art and to master one it takes a lot of work and diligence.

-Five years ago when I started international oriental dance competitions, fame was one of my goals, yes. It was very important to me because I thought it was the only way to get recognition from my peers. I was wrong. Today I don’t think about it at all, also because I don’t have the time, the energy and the money to try to wait for this goal.

-In France, art and entertainment are very present at many levels and for all socio-cultural backgrounds.


-It’s first of all music that will make me want to create a choreography. I have this ability to imagine movements while listening to music and to project myself. Then when I dance on stage, I always try to have a video to post it on social networks, mainly YouTube and Facebook.

-Currently I give private lessons and I hope that after the second confinement they can resume as before. Just like restaurant services or events such as weddings, etc. I’m creating a choreography with silk fans on an oriental / contemporary fusion fusion and I can’t wait to be able to finish it.



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