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Greek/English Student, 


Volleyball Player, 



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Cristina Rotellini presents herself as “artist of her generation”. A young woman who, every day, step by step, is walking along a path of careful choices, made up by perseverance, training and attitude. Her degree in English only apparently has nothing to do with her modeling works; in reality, the designers are foreigners, the industry speaks English; Her studies allowed her to communicate, and understand others. Fashion is certainly important to her, it has helped her to overcome being a little introverted and insecure. Just as recently yoga techniques help her to manage her voice and intonation.  A wonderful surprise to her was also working in commercials and some short films. The idea of working as a model from a very young age is changing more and more. There are models who started at the age of 50 and maybe even do it at 80.

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