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-My full name, Elsa Gomes Rodrigues, being known by Elsa Gomes. I was born in a country I am proud of, Germany, in the city of Hamburg, on November 2, 1971.  The adaptation in Portugal was very bad, mainly because of not speaking Portuguese and leaving my life in my birth country.

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From adolescence to 18 years of age, my growth was very complicated, because I didn’t have my hobbies, my friends, my school. We talk about ice skating, which we didn’t have in Portugal, for example. From the age of 16, I grew up in a violent family environment, which made me quickly become a woman to get out of that environment, which could make me violent. I am a woman of challenges, and I usually say that I am seduced by my simplicity, genuineness, a force of nature.

Keywords in my life, “I am true to my principles”. I am a very disciplinary, ambitious, generous woman with a great sense of humor, and intuition is very present in my life. Being multifaceted, self-taught being with a high dexterity, the experience, made me the woman I am today.

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The ability to know how to forgive is a gift that not everyone gets. To tell you, what violent mistreatment without love can become a callous being.

In my private part, throughout my life, I managed to get this gift, to be hypersensitive, having today a lot of Love from the inside out to give to the people who are part of my life. That came to help me in the professional part. I consider myself a grateful person at all levels, containing me with what I receive professionally, and what I have. I love extremes, with success linked to the struggle of each one.

Despite valuing the simple things in Life. When it comes to grabbing jobs, projects I am daring to do my best, dedicated. Being a witty Scorpion and a healthy crazy, restless by nature (laughs) as my friends call me, made me a very autonomous being since I was 18, made me grow faster beyond my actual age! Today I am of affections to and from life, being able today to evaluate, to observe things meticulously, appreciating more the superb intelligence.

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