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I am an orphan. My mother passed away eight months ago and my father passed away a year after my birth. My mother was the best mother in the world and my best friend, all what I am is thanks to the love that my mother gave me and her teachings were golden for me. A year after I was born, I had a heart murmur, that is, oxygen was not reaching my brain, and they had to open-heart surgery. My mother prayed a lot for my well-being, so much that she asked for a miracle and if I lived, she would name me Liliana Josefina. Well, I am telling my story with pride and a lot of love, she was a woman who dedicated her whole life to taking care of her children, feed them and take them to school. I grew up seeing and helping in this which led to what I have become today. Life has shown me that family is one who without knowing a long time can feel much more esteem than someone who has known you for a lifetime.

-Since I was very young but my mother did not have the resources to pay me for classes of piano, which was what I was dying to learn. But when I turned sixteen, I went to dance school alone where I studied contemporary dance and ballet and then to a music school to play piano and to learn singing and how to be a DJ.

-An artist is born with talent, but at the point of discipline and perseverance is how we really being. Every artist’s dream is to succeed in a big way with each project. On the other hand, we must support ourselves the world needs us more human, more noble more teamwork of different nationalities no matter where you are from what social type you are, what religion without distinction of class is teamwork show the world that we can succeed, but we can also help and support those who need it.

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-My current projects are the image of swimwear brands and fashion shows, modeling, but I am also working on a new idea, a new project that came to me at this time and is a line of makeup, makeup tutorials and learning a lot about business doing online courses and every day learning a lot as an artist and person

-One of the biggest challenges I have had to face is with myself after my mother went to heaven, because my internal work was daily with myself being strong in such a difficult situation after she was my best friend, but I made me stronger and always grateful with the life because i came from a woman like her, and I grateful to her I am who I am, strong and human 100% and I’m grateful to the life for my health, I grateful for my heart is noble, because when I felt that everything was out of control, she showed me I’m more strong to anything this is the biggest challenge that I have had to face but that Internal work led me to be better every day as a person and as an artist. To know that I still have a lot to learn and show the world my talent and my human feelings.

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