De Nicola

She had a long career as a dancer then a choreographer and event organizer.

Through her theatrical company Glamor Show, she created music, costumes and choreographies of its shows that travelled across Italy and the whole world.
With Cristiano de Conciliis, they both created numerous creative musical performance on TV and stage.

As an agency and organizer of events and shows today we are growing after many performances like in Sardinia and in Sicily in addition to foreign shows.
Nowadays, I like to venture into acting which has changed my perspective on life because, for me, it is essentially an introspective research of our real personality. It is difficult to explain in two words but it is a type of study that can change the way we approach dance and with others almost therapeutic at least for me. Today, as I try to increase my professionalism in the choreographic field, I see acting requires commitment and attitude besides using the body language and expression that I know.

In my private life, I like to be at home in front of TV to watch a good movie or sometimes go to the cinema or have dinner with friends.


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