Pascale Frossard

She was born in the east of France, and grew up, rocked by the sounds of (Frank Sinatra, Mike Brant, etc.). As a teenager, she was immersed in the music of Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, musicals and American noir films.

She begins to write and is passionate, among other things, for the texts of Boris Vian and Claude Nougaro. At the study level, she entered nursing school. At the age of twenty, her encounter with a musician was a musical and personal love at first sight. He introduced him to Jazz Fusion (Miles Davis, Jaco, Dizzy, Al Jarreau, Etc). She begins to move in clubs and takes part in different Jam Sessions where her singing talents are revealed. Having started off, she found a few Gigs as a backing vocalist and at the same time wrote texts for other performers. The 2000s saw the affirmation of her singer personality, texts and works Soul, Funk and Latin music at the same time, she becomes aware of Jazz Harmonies.





Pascale Frossard says: I don’t think there are studies to become an artist. There are studies, training, courses, transmissions in the differentarts such as music, film, dance, painting, writing and more.

Techniques and methods to develop and evolve within these arts or even play a professional role ….. But being an artist is creation and that part, I don’t think you can learn it, it’s a way of being to live and to love to blossom, discover, etc.

What is important is not the fame in the whole world for me, it is to be able to share my art to the four corners of the planet because thanks to the Internet I had rave reviews on my voice and my music. as much on the American continent (USA-Canada-Brazil-Alaska), African (Cameroon-Senegal-Morocco-Algeria-Lebanon), Asian (Japan-India-Thailand-New Zealand), European (France-Germany-UK-Italy -Spain-Russia).

And I forget where I sold CDs, had tours and collaborations. What made me discover that my voice was listened to almost everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, my country is not necessarily one of the easiest for discovering its artists in the world. The reasons for this fact are complicated to explain because they are numerous and it would take a complete tome to unravel the meanders of the French cultural system and also of the music market. Just a quick note on this by explaining that the Parisian cultural and media intelligentsia blocks and suffocates a number of artists for the purposes of profit and monopoly. PF: In this profession the first challenge for a woman is to sing Even if that has changed a lot, I pay tribute to great singers: Like Ella Fitzgerald who established herself in a man’s milieu in the Jazz of the 50s and 60s and who was the first to Scatter and some decried her saying that her Solos (Scats) were written. If we listen well today it’s not true, some very Bop solo were but it was also the case for some Jazzmen Like Dinah Washington who was also one of the first to stand on her own feet After reading the biography of these two great singers, I know that they have had it all and their musical life has not been easy because they were women … We can also quote Bessie Smith and Tina Turner.

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